A Legacy

A Legacy for Tomorrow’s Generation

We value the diversity and range of school types and are not trying to make our schools the same, but rather to ensure what is special now, is preserved in the future. This means the schools in the trust are encouraged and supported to develop and grow for the benefit of the children and the local community. This means that parents continue to have a real choice of the type of school that they wish their child to attend, whilst ensuring that all of them benefit from the collaborative opportunities and the resulting outstanding provision.

The Trust is committed to ensuring that all children in our schools, particularly the least advantaged, receive excellent teaching and make progress which matches the best. High quality professional development for teachers and school leaders at all levels lies at the heart of our approach, and we encourage teachers and students to take pride in aspiration and success. For this reason, we hold an common training events to ensure that staff can experience and hear high quality national speakers. Wider opportunities for learning in sport, music and art are provided by collaborative events. Cooperative values such as democracy are developed through the Children’s forum and coastal parliament, as we want our children to engage in, and have a voice in their own future.

A Lasting Legacy

Our school led system ensures schools have strong networks and a strong voice in their own future. Our school improvement approach helps build strong capacity to improve from within and a culture that looks outward and never stops trying to be better. Schools which joined our Trust would be able to help shape our work and benefit both from the support they receive and the opportunities for school improvement they are able to offer.

A Culture of Collaboration Leads More Easily to Success

School autonomy should not mean schools working in isolation from each other. On the contrary, our schools have a strong commitment to each other so that individual schools and the family of schools grow and improve through working together.

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