Our Partners

The Trust and Trust Partners:

  • The Co-operative Trust model usually includes at least one partner who holds the same values and a membership arrangement through which parents, pupils, staff and other stakeholders can be involved and have a say in how the trust is run.
  • The Coastal Alliance Co-operative Trust is built around the schools as the key partners. Other schools can consider becoming a full or a partner member of the Trust at a later stage if they wish to. If they do join the Trust, they will need to be full contributors to and beneficiaries of the work of the Trust.
  • We have amazing partners to support children through their journey, and our schools in helping them along the pathway. This includes the local Children’s Centres, two of our local high schools, a teaching school alliance and the Co-operative schools network which is countrywide. The common factor is a commitment to contribute to a successful learning community.
  • Other partners can be invited to join the Trust to add to the strength of the Trust and the range of experience and opportunities it can provide.

The full list of initial partners is shown here:

Primary Schools

Joy Lane Primary, Nursery School and Oysters SRP (ASD)

Swalecliffe Community Primary School

Whitstable Junior School

Briary Primary School

Herne Bay Infant School

Herne Bay Junior School

Herne CE Infant & Nursery School

Herne CE Junior School

Reculver CE Primary School

St Alphege CE Infant School

St Marys Catholic Primary School

Westmeads Community Infant School

Whitstable and Seasalter Endowed CE Junior School

Other Partners

 East Kent Learning Alliance

Coastal Children’s Centres

Co-operative Schools Network

Herne Bay High School

Spires Academy

Co-operative Schools Network (CSNET)

The Co-operative Schools Network is the delivery arm for the national family of co-operative schools and provides a range of support services and considerable educational expertise to schools in our region and across the country. The involvement of CSNET will support us in developing a co-operative, values-driven ethos across the whole curriculum and bring national and international links with other co-operative educational institutions and organisations

East Kent Learning Alliance (EKLA)

The East Kent Learning Alliance is a Teaching School Alliance operating across the east of the County. It includes primary and secondary schools amongst its members and has a remit to provide training for those who wish to be teachers, those who are currently working as teachers, and those who aspire to leadership in our schools. The benefits of having local and bespoke provision are clear, and would enable us to ensure that our staff continue to be well-trained.

Coastal Children’s Centres

Coastal Children’s Centres are natural partners for local schools, as they work with the parents and young children who will one day attend our schools. Their partnership work with schools is well-established, as is their role in supporting parents in the initial stages of bringing up their own child. They offer so much more than this and are an asset to our community. They are very excited about having a formal arrangement to work with schools, and are keen to support us in helping our children with their wider needs beyond the academic

Herne Bay High School

Herne Bay High School has always played a central role in the work of the Coastal Alliance and continues to do so as an external partner in the trust. As a large, good, secondary school which is served by many of the local primary schools, we ensure excellent transition work and maintain our existing strong relationship with our secondary school partner. We continue to benefit from the expertise of its subject specialist staff and fantastic facilities, especially the sporting opportunities that it continues to offer and support that it provides. We are delighted that Herne Bay High are our partner.

Spires Academy

Spires Academy is proud to be a member of the Coastal Alliance.  As a ‘Small School with a Big Heart’ the sense of community is central to our ethos and values.  Working alongside our partner schools to ensure all the children in the Coastal area benefit from strong collaborative cross phase working is so important.  It ensures the young people and families we serve experience the highest quality in transition and support.  It enables our staff to grow and learn from each other.

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