Our Vision

Our Shared Vision:

Our vision is to achieve substantial and sustained improvement of standards across a dynamic learning community where all the young people of Herne Bay and Whitstable, have their needs met.

We want to ensure that local schools remain accountable to local people, this is the case for all schools in the trust. Irrespective of which school our young people attend, we see them as our shared responsibility.

The Coastal Alliance was already a proven and coherent self -improving schools’ system. However, this system has become even more effective and even stronger by forging an even closer partnership with our neighbouring schools and new educational partners, as a Co-operative Trust.

Across all our schools, we focus on:

  • Improving the quality of learning and teaching
  • Improving the wellbeing and behaviour of our young people
  • Enhancing capacity by sharing resources and expertise
  • Improving value for money in a time of real terms reduction in funding
  • Supporting and developing current and future leaders

We believe that adopting the values of a co-operative school trust, matches how we want to work with each other, and enables us to be part of a wider national network of schools with complimentary values. This ensures we are outward looking, in our drive to make all our local schools the very best they can be for the young people of Whitstable and Herne Bay.

Our Shared Values:

The Co-operative values are:-

Self help, self responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, solidarity

As members of the Coastal Alliance Co-operative Trust, we have to embody these values at school and trust level (all schools and partners) and at school level (foundation trust schools).

As a Trust we therefore:

  • Give equal value to all our members and all our young people (Equality)
  • Have a responsibility to help other schools, (Self help)
  • Have to be accountable for our own actions, (Self responsibility)
  • Abide by democratic principles and give a voice to the Whitstable and Herne Bay community and young people, (Democracy)
  • Have to make a positive contribution to the trust and local community (Equity)
  • Have to support and improve all our schools by working together. (Solidarity)

Our foundation trust schools will also therefore:

  • Make sure we are socially and academically inclusive schools, and that we teach respect and tolerance. (Equality)
  • Encourage independence in our children’s problem-solving skills. (Self help)
  • Ensure our children understand the balance of rights and responsibilities. (Self responsibility)
  • Ensure we listen to our children, our School Councils, our parents and carers, our staff and our local community, and hold elections and votes in school, so children experience the democratic process. (Democracy)
  • Encourage children to recognise the need to contribute to, as well as benefit from, school. (Equity)
  • Encourage all our community to work together and our children to work as a team, supporting one another and taking pride in their school. (Solidarity)
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